Episode summary Edit

Jo travels to the Swindon, UK to help out parents who terribly lost control, Laura Bradbury (30) and Stuart Lambert (29) with their three kids, 5 year old Matthew (from Laura's first marriage), 2 year-old Tegan Olivia, and 5 month old baby Diesel.

Matthew is physically nasty and aggressive to his mum, often he would use rude and unacceptable words and cuss. He even punched his mum and threatened to kill her. Stuart tries to discipline Matthew, But mostly fails and Matthew continues being a bad boy. Laura refuses to let the family is split apart. She knows how hard it is to control Matthew and his behaviour, and has terribly lost control.

He was a rude boy and Tegan Olivia called her dad a bitch. So dad yelled naughty girl. Matthew used to be misbehaving and had outbursts now he behaves. This is a blended family episode. They had another baby boy named Reese Bradbury in 2015 according to Facebook.

Transcript Edit

Bradbury-Lambert Family Transcript

Video Edit

Family members Edit

Laura Bradbury, 30

Stuart Lambert, 29

Matthew Bradbury, 5

Tegan-Olivia Lambert, 2 1/2

Diesel Bradbury-Lambert, 5 months

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