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Jo travels to the Swindon, UK to help out parents who terribly lost control, Laura Bradbury (30) and Stuart Lambert (29) with their three kids, 5 year old Matthew (from Laura's first marriage), 2 and 1/2 year-old Tegan Olivia, and 5 month old baby Diesel.

Matthew is physically aggressive to his mum, often he would use and unacceptable words and cuss. He would throw temper tantrums 3 to 4 times a day every day.

Worryingly for Laura and especially Sturart, it seems that their little girl, Tegan-Olivia is starting to copy Matthew’s aggressive behaviour.

Can Jo stop Matthew’s aggression and stop the family from splitting down the middle? Or has she finally met her match?

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Bradbury-Lambert Family Transcript


  • During the parents meeting in the US airing, the B word is uncensored.

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Family members Edit

Laura Bradbury, 30

Stuart Lambert, 29

Matthew Bradbury, 5

Tegan-Olivia Lambert, 2 1/2

Diesel Bradbury-Lambert, 5 months