Episode summary Edit

Jo travels to the UK to help out Laura Bradbury and Stuart Lambert with their three kids: 5-year-old Matthew, 2-year-old Tegan-Olivia, and 5-month-old baby Diesel.

Matthew is physically aggressive towards his mother, often leaving her bruised and even punched her in the mouth screaming and using strong foul mouthed words. Stepdad Stuart tries to discipline Matthew, but Laura refuses it and the family is split with Stuart being responsible for Tegan-Olivia, and Laura trying to control Matthew's outbursts.

Jo introduces the "chill-out chair" and a "work-out-your-anger" chart and encourages Stuart to step in and help discipline Matthew. Can Jo help out the Bradbury-Lambert family?

Transcript Edit

Bradbury-Lambert Family Transcript

Video Edit

Family members Edit

Laura Bradbury, 30

Stuart Lambert, 29

Matthew Bradbury, 5

Tegan-Olivia Lambert, 2

Diesel Bradbury-Lambert, 5 months

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