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Jo visits the Bowersocks in Lancaster, Ohio where Jenniffer (25) and Thad (30) are struggling with their three kids: 7-year-old Maddie, 6-year-old Hayden and 4-year-old Lily. This phenomenal home welcomes a mother, Jennifer,who used corporal punishment on her children, thinking it's helping when it really isnt. The father, Thad,is gone at work and Jennifer puts her mean side on her kids by spanking, yelling and even putting soap in their mouth and then giving up saying "wait until your dad's home!" Madeline is 7 going on 20 and drives her mom nuts. Hayden is the worst out of the 3. He is an aggravating button pusher, as described by Jennifer. And Lily can be sweet or evil. In Submission Reel, she stuck up her middle finger to the camera, which was censored.


  • Jennifer was a nervous wreck and was unaware that her form of punishment is only making the kids worse.
  • This is the first time that Jo meets a mom who uses soap in her kids' mouth and second mom to spank the kids.
  • This is the first episode to have the change of the Family Test Run taken out and instead showing the clips in the Parent Evaluation Meeting.
  • This was filmed in July, 2006


Mother Shoves Soap In Kids Mouth (submission reel and observation) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Kids Refuse To Clean Their Bedroom, Mother Loses Control Of Kids Until Dad Returns Home (observation) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Mother Doesn't Think Spanking Your Child Is Wrong (parents meeting) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Mother Battles With Child For 3 Hours (teaching) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

7Yr Old Jumps Into Pool To Escape Angry Mom Supernanny - Supernanny US YouTube channel

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  • NANNY NEEDS A TIMEOUT. Rewarding smug fans - New York Daily News, 12/4/2006. In this review of the Bowersock Family episode, Supernanny is criticized for making the parents out as villains just to pander to the viewers' need to congratulate themselves on their superior parenting skills.

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