Blythe Newsome (née Waters, born March 22, 1970) is the ex-wife of Roger and is also the single divorced mother of Loughlin, Aidan, Daly, Moira, Elspeth and Finn.

She moved to a new home but still lives in Tallahassee and realized she wanted her life and house back.

She was very upset because she moved to a new home, got divorced with her husband Roger, and her close family friend, Nana, died from breast cancer.

She was 38 years old in 2008 and will be 47 in 2017. During the revisit in 2010, she was 40 years old.

As of 2015, Blythe is communications manager at Covenant Hospice in Tallahassee.

Links Edit

Parenting articles by Blythe on They touch upon her divorce and Nana's death.

Blythe's Facebook page

Dave Ramsey Fan blog post - 8/18/2010 - Says that Blythe called into Dave Ramsey's radio show, and "was stretching to make ends meet when she approached a local radio station to become co-host of their morning radio show.  She continues to work at the station doing other things after the station changed syndication, but that only opened another door for her."

Hospice staff, friends grant veteran one more fishing trip - Tallahassee Democrat, 11/24/2015 - Explains that Blythe is communications manager at Covenant Hospice, and helped arrange the veteran's fishing trip

Community responds to Headland 8-year-old's last wish - Dothan Eagle, 09/13/2015 - Blythe again mentioned, this time as spokesperson for Covenant Hospice

One Little Boy’s Final Wish- a Lemonade Stand to Give to Others -, 9/1/2015 - Blythe again mentioned as Covenant Hospice communications manager

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