William "Billy" Bailey, Jr. is the only child of Bill and the youngest child of Stacie. He has an older half-sister named Jadyn.

Appearance on Supernanny

During the Submission Reel, Stacie said that Billy often threw fits and tantrums, but this was actually seldom seen during the episode. During Observation, he threw a tantrum due to being hungry and being refused snacks by Stacie (as any two-year old would be who hadn't eaten for 4.5 hours because his parents let him nap all afternoon). He also was sent to his room during observation for time out for throwing blocks at Stacie. He tested Stacie by laughing and thinking he could play when she isn't looking. He did the same thing when it was bedtime.

Billy seemed to be a very alert, smart, charming little boy who liked to roughhouse. The household routine may have contributed to Billy's lack of tantrums, since it limited him to 90-minute naps and gave him a very active day.

Jo introduced the Naughty Step for Billy. He was put on it two times. The first time was during Teaching for playfully knocking game pieces off the table during a round of Candy Land. Billy stunned his parents by staying quietly on the step for the full two minutes. During the Family Test Run Stacie put Billy on the step for not putting toys away exactly as Stacie would like, which she called it "not listening". During this second time, he tested his parents by repeatedly leaving timeout, laughing at his mother, and yelling, "I hate you." Eventually, Bill smacks him for not staying on the Naughty Step. It is just a light spank and then he stays put on the step without getting up or crying.

Even though he was old enough to sit in a regular chair, Billy sat in a highchair when he ate meals with his family. Jo gave him a big boy chair, and he was delighted to sit in it, thanks to Jo's enthusiastic praise.


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