William Joseph "Bill" Dostal Jr. (born January 10, 1963) is the father of Zachary and Erin and is now the ex-husband of Brenda.

According to Brenda, he would discipline Zachary very aggressively, by squeezing his arms or manhandling him physically in a very aggressive manner. Jo got an opport to see this for herself as Bill pushed Zach to the floor after he sat on Erin's back. When Brenda later came in the room Bill was acting dishonest about what Zach was crying about, by saying that he told him to get off Erin.

He had a very short temper with his son which had a massive strain on their relationship, putting his marriage at risk of divorce. But even after Jo left, he and Brenda eventually got divorced. He also lost custody of his 2 kids.

He was 44 years old at the time and is now 55 in 2018.


Florida Department of Transportation Project Proposal - 8/1/2008. This shows that Bill was employed at Kiewit Southern Company. He was the Structures Superintendent for various highway projects.