William "Bill" Bailey, Sr. (born February 3, 1966) is the husband of Stacie, father of Billy and stepfather of Jadyn.

He worked as police officer, which Stacie said had been his "lifelong dream," and did not engage much in handling the kids. During Observation, he admitted that he would rather just do housework and cook dinner than spend time with the kids. However, by the end of Jo's visit, Bill changed his ways and thanked Jo for making him a better parent.

He did seem to be a very good cook. All but one meal seen during the episode were actually cooked and not purchased in the deli section.

He had a good sense of humor, as demonstrated by his calling the Naughty Room the new Video Game Room (upon viewing footage showing that the family had started using the Naughty Room to play video games together). He clearly loved his wife, Stacie, tenderly calling her the queen of the house at one point.

He is notable for his clear displeasure at Jo's frank ways. During the Family Meeting, he told her that normally, if anyone in his house spoke to him the way Jo did him, he would kick them out of the house. His primary concern seemed to be that by volunteering to be on the show, he and Stacie were already admitting they had problems. He didn't seem to like Jo rubbing their noses in it by being so candid during the Parent Meeting.

During the Family Test Run, Bill was observed spanking Billy for not staying on the Naughty Step. However, it was a very light spank and not shown as a habit.

Apparently, at Jo's arrival, Bill wrote a note saying that she is full of s***. At the end of the episode, he apologizes for that note and admits that he is the one full of s***.

He was 38 years old at the time and is now 52 in 2018.

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  • "I said no. Now sit down! You stay there!"

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