Bethany Seniors is the oldest child in the Seniors Family: Daughter of Debbie and older sister to Ruth (aged 3) and Hannah (aged 2).

She was the ringleader of the girls and delighted in pulling her younger sisters' hair.

She and Ruth would not settle at bedtime. During Observation, Jo noticed that Bethany had a better relationship with her granddad than she did with her own mum. She and Hannah were playing with the car horn. During the first half of the episode, Bethany was put on the naughty corner because whilst outside playing with her sisters she pushed Ruth over, and off the trampoline and ran cross a busy road. Also on the family test run was put on the naughty corner for not turning the video off when her mum told her to it off. During the second half she hit and teased Hannah and made her cry and then said that she like teasing her sisters. When she was put on the naughty corner she said "I could just kill you!"

She was 5 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and is now 17 in 2017.