Beau Alexander Knutson (born September 23, 2004) is the second child of Wendy and Dan, the younger brother of Leo and the older brother of Will and Jesse.

Dan had made sure Beau was potty trained before the twins were born. However, after the twins were born, Beau refused to use the potty. Jo observed that Beau was practicing regression out of jealousy in order to get the same attention the newborns were getting through diaper changes.

He went to sleep easily when he had his pacifier handy and cried like a baby when he didn't have it. His parents would look all over the house and yard for the pacifier to make sure he had one at night. Jo solved this problem by having Penelope the Paci Fairy ask Beau to send all his pacifiers in an envelope to her. He was rewarded with an envelope full of toy animals in return, and slept just fine without his pacifier.

Beau was the only child who acted out the most even if he didn't go to timeout.

He was 3 years old at the time of his appearance on Supernanny and as of 2017, he is 13 years old.