Episode summary Edit

Nanny Jo returns to the UK to Evesham, Worcestershire to meet the Bates Family. Stuart (43) and Sarah (39) were happy when they had their two boys, 7-year-old Hadyn, and 5-year-old Callum. But to make things better, they wanted to add a baby girl to complete their family.

Instead of having one girl, they ended up having 3-year-old identical twins Erin and Orla, who have turned their lives upside-down. The girls are double the trouble- they kick, hit, scream, throw tantrums, scratch and bully their friends at nursery school. Orla is a screamer and can scream until she can't anymore and Erin can be very bossy at times.

It's up to Supernanny to get the twins to tow the line before the family falls apart.

Video Edit

Full episode on YouTube (starts at 1:32)

Family members Edit

Trivia/Goofs Edit

  • During the observation the footage keeps switching through Erin and Orla wearing different clothes. So for Erin it switches from a green long sleeve top to a white short sleeve top with jeans. For Orla, it switches from a pink top with a skirt to a pink top and leggings. This means the observations were filmed on two days as the girls went to Nursery. 
  • The Naughty Chair is called the Naughty Seat in the UK. 
  • 4 children are all under 10 years old. 
  • This Episode Was Filmed In May 9th - 31st 2006

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