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Jo visits the Banjany family in Staten Island, New York where Lisa (34) & Rich (35) have three children: 5-year-old fraternal twins Zoe & Cameron and 3-year-old Blake.

Lisa and Rich run their own business, Confuzzled Cookies, out of their house & juggle caring for the kids as well. The boys fight with each other and Rich becomes concerned when Blake likes playing dress-up with his sister's clothes. The kids also constantly eat snacks from the pantry and the refrigerator all day long.

Rich & Lisa have a hard time balancing their work & home lives and Lisa admits that the kids run the house.

Can Jo help the Banjany family get control of their household and teach them how to balance work & caring for the kids?


  • This episode featured a timeout tantrum where Zoe refused to sit on the Naughty Cube for three and a half hours.
  • This is the second longest tamtrums since it was second longest to the Smith-Clarke Family, Zoe has tantrums for 3 1/2 hours.
  • This episode was filmed in October/November 2007.


Full episode in parts 1, 2 and 3 on DailyMotion (dubbed in French)

Full episode on YouTube

In the news

'Supernanny' takes on Staten Island brawlin' family - New York Daily News, 3/5/2008.

'Supernanny' to the rescue of Staten Island family - Staten Island Advance, 3/10/2008.

Work-at-home parents in NYC - Time Out New York Kids, 9/16/2010. This article explains that Lisa is a New York City schoolteacher who stumbled upon this part-cookie, part-candy concoction that led to founding Confuzzled Cookies.

Confuzzled New York Gourmet Cookies - Swag Raves blog, 7/20/2007. Describes the cookies and where they've been sold (need to read all the comments as well as the original post).

Local Fox News segment about Confuzzled cookies - Parts 1 and 2.

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