Announcer: Tonight on Supernanny: Jo meets the Baileys, whose daughter's nasty attitude and tot's earsplitting outbursts come to a screeching halt when Jo takes the reins. But while the kids may fall in line, this time Dad takes issues with Jo's approach.

(Opening credits play)

Submission Reel

Jo: Let's take a look and see who we have here.

Bill: Hi, I'm Bill.

Stacie: And I'm Stacie.

Bill: And we're the Baileys.

Stacie: Bill used to be in sales. Now he's a police officer, which has been his lifelong dream. And I'm a teacher, for five years now. We have two children. Billy who's 2. He can be really, really sweet, and then there's the devil.

Bill (as Billy hits him with a toy): Be nice. Ow!

Billy head-butts Stacie while they're sitting on the couch together. Jo frowns at this.

Stacie: Jadyn, who's 6.

Jaydn: Don't ever "Don't" me again!

Stacie: She's already like at the edge of puberty, which is hard to deal with.

Bill: Stacie and I both have opposite schedules. I work nights, and she has weekends off. She works during the day, throughout the week, and pretty much all my days are off during the week.

Stacie: Bill's not here.

Billy (as Bill drives away): Bye, Daddy!

Stacie: I'm much more tolerant of their bad behavior.

Footage of Jadyn and Billy fighting.

Jadyn: Billy, give me it!

Stacie: Billy, you just never know when his temper tantrum's going to happen. It can go really bad, really really fast. Our daughter Jadyn, she gets this attitude and talks back. It's bad.

Jadyn (dancing on the sofa): Ooh, ooh, ah! Mama's not smart!

Stacie: It's almost like you don't have the right to tell her no.

Stacie: You don't give me those dirty looks and walk away while I'm talking to you. (Jadyn gives her a dirty look and walks away. Jo watches in dismay the footage of Billy screaming at various moments in time.) They just drain me.

Billy (clinging to Stacie's leg): AAH! Mom!

Stacie (washing dishes): Billy, stop screaming.

Stacie: There are times I just have to let it out and cry. While what we're doing doesn't seem to be working.

Billy pulls at a standing lamp.

Stacie: Billy?

Bill: Billy, you can tone it down.

Jadyn pulls Billy off a train track table. He screams loudly.

Bill: Jadyn, put your brother down.

The taxi speeds toward the Bailey home.

Bill: Supernanny, we're at our wit's end. We need help.

Jo: Right, then. Here I come!

The taxi arrives at the Bailey Family home.


Jo knocks on the door. Stacie and Jadyn come to the door.

Jo: Hello! You must be Stacie, so glad to meet you!

Stacie: Stacie, nice to meet you! (They shake hands.)

Stacie (interview): We opened the door and we met Jo. At first I was shocked. I was kind of taken aback. She didn't fit my conception of what a British nanny would look like.


Jo: Well, I'm here to help.

Bill (interview): The nanny showed up today. And that was a little bit of a relief, because we're gonna get some answers to the questions we have.

Jo: I would like you just to be relaxed, we'll see how the family works, see any concerns or issues you have, and then I'm going to find a solution that works for you guys. Carry on as normal. As if it's like a normal day, to be honest, as if I wasn't here.

Observation begins

Billy plays in a closet with wooden blocks. Stacie watches him from the doorway.

Billy: Ma-- Noooo!

Stacie: Oh, you didn't want them out?

Billy (raising a block in the air): Here you go.

Stacie: M-hm.

Billy: Thank you. It's Jake's gum.


Stacie: Is that Jacob's gum? (Billy throws a block into the hallway.) No...You throw it, you're not gonna be able to play with it.

Billy throws a plastic bucket into the hallway. Stacie gets down and starts cleaning up the toys.

Billy: No!

Stacie: Billy, you're throwing them, you don't get to play with them right now. No.

Billy: No!

Stacie: Billy--

Stacie (interview): Billy just-- You never know when he's gonna snap.

Billy: Oh, no! NOOOOOOO! (Jo shakes her head at the camera.)

Stacie: Do you wanna go to timeout?

Billy: No! I don't want to go now!

Stacie: Then stop screaming. Stop screaming. Hey, come on. let's go to timeout.

Stacie (interview): If I have to say no to him, it's gonna set him off, just because he's gonna have a fit. Hit, scream, and kick.

In Billy's bedroom, Billy sits on his bed and tries to pull Stacie to him.

Jo (interview): Sometimes I think the saying, "Go to your room" is used without parents thinking what they're actually doing.


Stacie: You stay in timeout until you're ready to listen.

Jo (interview): One minute you're saying, "Yeah, go to your room and play!" and the next minute it's, "You're in timeout, go to your room." And then all of a sudden, their bedroom has become a punishment area. And so the child is getting mixed messages.

Billy smiles naughtily as he sits next to (not on) his bed for timeout. Stacie picks him up and sets him in the middle of his bed.

Stacie: Billy? This isn't funny.

Stacie returns and sets him back on his bed again.

Stacie: You stay in timeout until I come and get you.

Billy: Noooo....

Jo (to camera): And now he's playing games with her. Completely. (Billy stands in the middle of his bedroom, bawling.) She is struggling.

Afternoon naptime - 1:30 p.m.

Jo: So basically, it's naptime and hey-- I'm good that you deal with your day as normal.

Stacie: OK.

Jo: You know?


A girl's nap mat, blanket and pillow lie on the hall floor. Ominous music plays. Jo glances at it as they enter Jadyn's bedroom.

Jo: What, do they sleep on the floor?

Stacie: That's Jadyn's bed.

Jo: What?

Jo (outside the house, to camera): When Jadyn takes her naps, she sleeps in the hallway.

Stacie (pointing at nap mat): Jadyn, what is this?

Jadyn pops her head out the bedroom doorway to look. She looks up and smiles.

Jadyn: My extra bed.

Jo: "Extra bed"? You have two beds?

Jo (outside again): I can't believe she sleeps in the hallway. Don't pets sleep in the hallway?

In his bed, Billy kicks the covers off himself. He holds his fingers in his mouth and smiles as he does it.

Jo (interview): When Stacie and Bill put their children down for a sleep, they resist it.

Billy continues to kick. Bill leans over him and puts his hands on Billy's legs.


Bill: Stop. Don't hit.

Jo (interview): Billy got up three times.

Billy leaves his bed, then peeks out the bedroom door.

Bill: Billy, in bed. Now. Do you want a spanking?

Jo (interview): And Jadyn was fighting.

Jadyn stands and pouts in her bedroom while Stacie tidies up.

Stacie: I'd much rather take a nap than do my work.

Jadyn: I hate naps! I'm sure you love them but I don't.

Jo (interview): And of course, she was allowed to sleep in the hallway.

Jadyn brings a fresh pillow and sets it on her nap mat. Time passes. Title card reads, "1-hour nap." More time passes. Title card reads, "2-hour nap." Time passes. Title card reads, "3-hour nap."

Jo and Stacie sit at the kitchen table. Jo looks at her watch.

Jo: Da! The children have been sleeping for three hours.

Stacie: Usually Jadyn won't go over 2 hours. Billy's more likely to sleep longer, just because he's younger.


Jo (outside, to camera): Jadyn is six years old. And today she had a 3-hour sleep. Three hours! (Jadyn gets up from her nap mat. Title card reads, "4:20 p.m.") And both Mom and Dad want them both in bed by half-past seven. That just isn't happening at all.

Jo and Stacie watch as Jadyn enters the kitchen, still groggy from her nap.

Stacie: Hey, princess. (Hugs Jadyn)

Jo (interview): From what I've seen in the Bailey home, they have a very kind of shaded routine. (Billy is still sleeping. Title card reads, "5:30 p.m.") And I really don't think that it's working for them.

Billy, now awake, starts playing in his room. Jadyn runs into Billy's room and jumps onto the bed.

Jo (in hallway, to camera): The kids don't get much time to play. They've just woke up, little bit of play, supper... (Looks at watch) Then by the looks of things, it'll be bathtime, bedtime.

Billy plays in his room alone. then wanders out of it again.

Jo (interview): The routine they have is definitely not working for them and I'm going to change that.

Dinnertime - 6:00 p.m.

Bill gets a batch of brownies out of the oven as Billy looks on.

Jo: So if you do it, the easier option is to go and cook.

Bill: Oh yeah, oh yeah, absolutely. I'd rather cook and do all that stuff than uh, deal with the children on a regular basis.


Bill starts staring into the camera and at the people around him off-camera as he says this. The look is half-uncomfortable, half-challenging.

Jo: I like the honesty. Because I'm here to come up with solutions and change.

Bill continues to stare off in that weird manner. Bill raises his eyebrows at Jo's statement.

As dinner gets ready, the kitchen area gets busy. The children run around while the parents do their work. Billy heads to the refrigerator and opens it.

Jo (interview): Just before dinnertime, I noticed that Billy and Jadyn were helping themselves to food in the fridge and pantry.

Jo watches Billy take food out of the fridge, then looks at the camera in disbelief. Bill, oblivious, continues to cook dinner. It looks like he may be making scalloped potatoes.

Jo (interview): How can Bill and Stacie expect the children to eat at dinnertime if they've been snacking right before? These bad habits are just setting the routine up for failure.

Billy continues to rummage in the refrigerator.

Jo (to camera, with a laugh): It's Help Yourself time! Obviously.

Stacie tries to remove Billy from the refrigerator.

Bill (off-camera): What's wrong?

Jo: It's Help Yourself time!

Bill: Oh.


Billy starts to scream.

Stacie (closing the refrigerator): You already had one.

Stacie walks away. Billy stands alone by the refrigerator, bawling and screaming with half a mozzarella cheese stick wedged into his mouth. Jo looks on with concern.


Stacie: Spit it out.

She holds a paper towel under Billy's mouth as he spits the uneaten cheese stick half into it.

Stacie (interview): When Billy does the tantrums, we are just so frustrated.

His mouth now empty, Billy calms down.

Stacie: You're not getting more, Billy.

Billy starts crying again.

Stacie (interview): And I just don't know what to do, and...You just want them to stop screaming. It's hard.

Stacie blocks Billy from opening the pantry door. Billy kicks and struggles against her.

Billy: No. NO! (Screams and cries)

Stacie: No, you're not getting [???], get out. (She ushers Billy away from the pantry door.) He just snaps. I'm tired.

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: When Jo pulls no punches with the Baileys, she pushes Bill to the breaking point. When Supernanny returns.

Dinnertime - 6:30 p.m.

Bill holds Billy while he continues to make dinner. It now appears that the side dish may

Bill: OK.

Billy: Dad, cook. Peas?

Bill (pointing at pot): Peas? Yeah.

Jo (interview): At dinnertime, there was one main thing that I noticed.

Billy sits in a highchair.


Stacie (to Billy): Do you want your plate?

Jo (interview): Poor Billy was in a highchair, like a baby. Pushed to one side. So I felt really sorry for him, because he was just kind of there on the sides and Mom would turn around every now and then, "Billy, OK?" He's a toddler! Not a baby. They should have had him in a chair.

Billy stretches and pushes the tray off his highchair. Stacie locks it back on.

Stacie: Get this back on.

Bedtime - 8:00 p.m.

Stacie: Mommy needs to go to bed.

Jo, Stacie and Billy sit on the floor of Billy's bedroom. The adults watch Billy as he plays. Stacie turns her head away. The camera pulls away, following Stacie's gaze to show Jadyn jumping on Billy's bed behind them.

Jo (interview): Bedtime for Jadyn and Billy is a nightmare, it really is.

Stacie: Jadyn. Jadyn, no. Get down.

Jadyn: I'm getting down, Mom! I'm not even gonna jump on it.

She tidies up the covers, then Stacie pulls her by the arm to get her down from the bed. Jadyn frowns at this as she regains her balance on the floor.

Stacie: Stop.


Jadyn: You pulled me off of there.

Stacie: Go sit in your room.

Jadyn stalks out of the room with a pout.

Jo: Seeing this attitude from a six-year old.

Jadyn sits alone in her messy room.

Stacie (interview): Jadyn is a great kid. She can be really sweet, very loving and snuggly, and then she can be like this devil child. It's like Jekyll and Hyde, you don't know which one you're going to get! If you say something, if she's in a good mood or a bad mood.

Jo (interview): No way should Jadyn be speaking to her mother and addressing her in that manner. She's very, very rude. She can be very cheeky to her mom and um, I find that disrespectful for a six-year old to be that way towards her parents.

Bill lies with Billy on his bed. They are finishing a bedtime story.

Bill: "The End!" Nighty-night time.

He kisses Billy's head, then leans across Billy to put the book on the nightstand.

Jo (interview): When Stacie and Bill put their children down for sleep, they resist it.

Bill: No, that's two books, that's it.

Stacie comes into Billy's room to say goodnight.

Billy: My [????].

Stacie kisses him goodnight, turns off the light and leaves the room. Title card reads, "1st time out of bed." Billy leaves the bedroom. Stacie leads him back to bed.

Stacie: In bed! In bed.

Stacie closes the bedroom door again.

Jo (interview): And once finally they do go down, they keep getting up.

Bill puts Billy back to bed. Title card reads, "2nd time out of bed," then "3rd time out of bed," then "4th time out of bed."

Jo (interview): And Mom and Dad were just allowing that to happen.

Billy peeks out the bedroom door. Title card reads, "5th time out of bed."

Stacie: In bed.

She puts him back in bed. Title card reads, "6th time out of bed."


Stacie: Bed.

She puts him back in bed. Title card reads, "7th time out of bed."

Stacie: Get back in bed.

She puts him back in bed. Billy peeks out the door again. Title card reads, "8th time out of bed."

Stacie (interview): You just keep having to do it. Eventually, he'll wear down.

Stacie (to Billy): Lay [sic] down.

Billy: No...

Stacie: Yes.

Jo (interview): And no wonder why. They slept for three hours at lunchtime.


In the master bedroom, Stacie tucks Jadyn into bed.

Stacie: Get some rest before the [???] so we can go.

Stacie lies on the bed with Jadyn. Jadyn sucks her thumb and snuggles into her mother like a worried baby.

Stacie (interview): Jadyn's sleeping has been a struggle since she was about one. It's my fault. I take full responsibility for her horrible sleeping patterns. I let her sleep in my bed. She stayed there until she was four. We were just like, "OK, she's getting too big, we can't sleep with her in bed." Then we put her in a bed in the hallway. We're working on getting her in bed in her own room. But 99 percent of the time she wakes me up and asks if she can go to her bed in the hallway, which we do just so we can all go back to sleep quickly.

Jo watches Jadyn as she sneaks downstairs. Title card reads, "9:33 p.m." Jadyn joins Bill and Stacie in the kitchen.

Stacie: What's the matter? You need to go to sleep.

Jo (interview): Sure enough, after being put to bed in her own bedroom, Jadyn went downstairs and would only go to sleep in the hallway. (Stacie tucks Jadyn into bed on her nap mat and goes back downstairs.) That needs to be addressed.

Parents Meeting

Jo: Let's go sit down, let's have a talk.

Stacie, Bill and Jo head for the kitchen table. They each carry a cup of water with them. Jo takes a sip as Bill and Stacie sit down.

Jo (interview): When I first go into a family home, I observe the situation and the issues that the family have. I take mental notes throughout the day of what is not working. And at the end of the evening, I sit down and I talk to the parents about what I've observed throughout the day.

Stacie (interview): I'm getting nervous to hear what Jo has to say. What she thinks of everything she's seen and what's going on.

Bill (interview): You know, maybe I'm living life with blinders on. I need someone to tell it to me and say, "Hey, you're doing this really great, but why don't you try this a little differently?"

Jo: You asked for my help. And today I observed in the house, and without a doubt, being in this house is absolutely fantastic. I love being with you guys, I really do. You're fun, your kids are beautiful, they're intelligent, and-- You know, I've had a really good day observing. But, I must say there are few points I do want to talk about. And the first one is the routine? And I see that there is a "routine" in place, but it's very flexible. When do the children eat lunch? When do they have dinner? It's not consistent enough.


Bill: Like last night, they were up late, but we always-- They always get a bath. I mean, you keep the same routine now. And we do.

Jo: What I'm trying to say is that, as much as I see that there is a routine here, in place, it's not consistent. And children need consistency. They were grumpy when they woke up because naptime was three hours! I mean, three hours is too long. It's far too long. Jadyn is six years old. She shouldn't even be having a nap!

Stacie makes a rather rude, disbelieving face coupled by a rapid series of incredulous blinks as she looks away from Jo.

Jo: My next point is discipline. Now I think there is a lack of discipline in this house. Your own child treats you in a way, Stacie, that is absolutely despicable! And yet you tolerate it.

Stacie: You say that we don't follow through with anything, it's despicable and...

Jo: The behavior is despicable. And I'm talking about self-worth and self-respect. And I wouldn't expect no [sic] child to throw toys at me. That's not acceptable.

Bill: Yeah, we're not accepting that behavior. I mean, this thing, you say we are but we're not doing that, OK?

Jo: What--

Bill: We're looking for an answer-- (Raises his hand for silence) Please. We're looking for an answer on, solve that problem. That's why we're doing this. In a sense, to find out what the answer would be. Um, though, right now, I (sighs), I could speak for my wife and myself. Your tact is way off on how you approached this, to start talking to us, OK? You want to talk about respect, OK? This is our house. OK. And people don't come into my house and talk to me the way you just did.

Jo: I'm definitely not somebody who minces their words. I do believe that the best way of finding solutions is to be totally honest.

Stacie (interview): It was kind of a shock to my system at first and I was kind of angry, you know, "How dare she say all this stuff? But you know, she hasn't been here that long"--

Bill (interview): I was about to throw everybody out of the house. That was it. I was done.

Jo: So, we're ready to get started tomorrow?


Silence. Stacie pointedly drinks her water instead of answering Jo, then glances at Bill in a rude, conspiratorial way. Bill just stares at Jo in a challenging manner.

Jo: Up for some hard work?

More silence. Stacie takes a second drink of water, still not looking at Jo, and barely whispers in response, while the cup is still covering her mouth, as if she can hardly bring herself to address Jo.

Stacie: We'll see.

Bill: Yeah.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Stacie battles Jadyn's bad attitude. And Jo starts to coach the Baileys. But Bill has his doubts. When Supernanny returns.

Teaching Begins

Household Routine

Jo enters the Bailey home, still dressed in her purple nanny suit.

Jo: Hello?

Stacie (interview): When Jo walked in, we were still defensive.

Jo (interview): I was grateful that they even allowed me back into the house! Because I seriously thought that maybe they wouldn't allow me to come back in.

The family is busy in the kitchen. Stacie is helping Billy paint.

Jo (to Bill): Is that OK?

Bill: No, that's fine.


Jo: Stacie, I've got a routine that I want to put up on the pantry door if that's OK.

Stacie: OK.

Jo (interview): After I have observed a family, I like to go in with a Household Routine. It provides stability for children. So when it's up on the wall, you can stick to it, like a time table.

Stacie: So a question about Billy's naps-- So you think we should wake him up after an hour and a half?

Jo: I really do think so. You'll find that because he's being very active during that period of 2:30 to 7:30, that he'll go to bed a lot easier.

Introducing discipline

Jo (interview): Before I start teaching my techniques, I lay out a set of rules of what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable.

Jo: No hitting, no biting. No backtalking, all of that kind of stuff. What we want the children to do is to respect you as parents and realize, "You know what? You guys are in charge."

Jo (interview): When Bill and Stacie discipline their children, they place them into their own bedrooms. To send a child to their own bedroom where they have fun, and where they sleep, the child's getting mixed messages.

Jo: I'd love you to use the Naughty Step for Billy. The Naughty Step works for discipline. It's a place where the pair of you will sit Billy on when he's misbehaved himself [sic]. If Billy behaves in a way that's unacceptable, you will give him a warning first. You'll tell him, "Please do not do that. I do not like it," and not to do it again. And when you give him a warning, give him eye contact, and you're gonna come down to his level, and you're gonna lower the tone of your voice. So he'll automatically know, "You know what? This is not a game." If he does it again, sit him on the Naughty Step. You'll tell him, "Your behavior was wrong. You do not shout at me," or "You do not hit me," for example. "Sit down on that step until I come and get you."

Stacie: What do you do after the two minutes? Because I know with Billy, he'll still be, you know, kicking his feet, and having his tantrum.

Jo: Then he'll have his tantrum on the step. You do the two minutes, and you say, "I want you to say 'Sorry' to mummy, because that was wrong behavior."

Stacie (interview): I was very skeptical of the whole situation still and, "How was this going to fix anything?"

Jo (interview): I know that the Naughty Step works. And Stacie and Bill are just about to, uh, realize that it does work.

Stacie: Can we do the step with Jadyn, too?

Jo: I don't think she'll take to the step. Because she's older.

Jo (interview): Instead of using the Naughty Step for Jadyn, I'm introducing the Naughty Room.


Jo: So I was thinking of this room here, look.

View of a very spare guest bedroom. Title card reads, "Naughty Room." It is even more boring than the Orm Family's Naughty Room. It contains a bed and has no decorations or other furniture to provide distraction. It looks like a forgotten room that no one uses.

Jo: Is that-- It's the guest room, right? It would work for her perfect, I think. She'll realize, "I'll get sent into this boring room and I don't want to sit here because I can't put the telly on, I can't do anything in here."

Stacie: How long for her?

Jo: I-- Put her in here for six minutes. With her age, six minutes. So she's always going to gain both of your attention for positive behavior. I think we should go for it.

Billy enters the room, babbling.

Bill: OK, Billy, what do you say [???] in timeout?

Jo laughs and Bill gives another one of his stares at the camera, then smiles.

Billy and the Naughty Step

Jo: Why don't we all play a game?

They get out Candy Land and begin playing. Everyone is laughing and having fun, until Billy pushes a piece over on purpose.

Jo: Billy, Billy. Billy, look at Jo-Jo. No! We're playing the game. Don't push the pieces over. OK?

Billy does it again.


Jo: Billy, Billy. If you do that again, I'm going to put you on the Naughty Step. Do you understand me? (Billy nods. Title card reads, "NAUGHTY STEP TECHNIQUE - Always give a warning.") Right, then you be a good boy, please. (To Stacie) When you do explain things to him... (Billy pushes over the piece again.) Then you give him praise for doing that.

Stacie: Billy!

Jadyn: Billy, OK, go on the Naughty Step.

Jo: Billy, did you just push that piece over? Did you? (Billy smiles.) You know what? Sit on the Naughty Step please. Off you go onto the Naughty Step.

Jo picks Billy up. Title card reads, "STEP 1: Place child on Naughty Step."

Jo (interview): The Naughty Step works because it's a place where the child can sit down and reflect on the behavior that wasn't acceptable.

Jo sets Billy on the floor, then walks him to the Naughty Step.

Jo: This is not acceptable. We are playing a game. You do not ruin it. Now, you stay on that step please, until you can be a good boy.

Billy just smiles. Title card reads, "STEP 3: Explain behavior to child."

Jo (interview): Stacie gave me this glance like. "God, he's on the step. It's worked."

Stacie (interview): I just couldn't fathom that he was gonna sit on a step without being strapped down to it. That kind of really, it shocked me.


Billy calmly sits on the step, looking sadly at the others playing without him. Title card reads, "2 minutes later."

Jo: Billy, I want you to be a good boy now and I want you to say "Sorry."

Billy: OK.

Jo: Oh yes, OK. Thank you. (Title card reads, "FINAL STEP - Child apologizes.") Now up you get from the step and behave yourself. Up you get. Come on! And you can come and sit and watch now.

Jo takes Billy's hand and walks him back to the game.

Bill (to camera, in kitchen): The first time that Billy was placed on the Naughty Step, it was a surprise to me. You know, well, I wasn't skeptical, but in some ways I was.

Jo: Good boy Billy. Well done!

Billy laughs and takes a card from the pile.

Bedtime 7:00 p.m.

Jadyn brushes her teeth in the bathroom.

Jo (interview): Jadyn's a little princess. But, she's gotten into the habit of sulking and whining to get her own way. That needs to be addressed.

Stacie: Jadyn, it's quiet time. It's not time to play with bats and balls. You can sit in your room, and play quietly. Jadyn, Jadyn! Come here 1... Jadyn!

Stacie walks to Jadyn's bedroom. Jadyn stands in the doorway, glaring at Stacie.

Stacie: If you talk to me like that again, you're gonna go downstairs in the Naughty Room. Do you understand? (Silence and glares from Jadyn) You don't give me those dirty looks and walk away from me when I'm talking to you. Do you understand me?

Jo looks on. Jadyn stares silently at Stacie for a moment, then turns and enters her bedroom. She slams the door in Stacie's face.

Jo: What was that? What was that?

Jo (interview): No way should Jadyn be speaking to her mother and addressing her in that manner.

Jo: Go in there and explain to Jadyn, "I'm not putting up with your backtalking anymore. Don't just go and slam the door in your mother's face.


Stacie (entering Jadyn's room): Jadyn.

Jadyn: Yeah?

Stacie: Come here. Look at me, right here. You don't talk to me that way and you don't walk into your room and slam your door just because you're mad. Do you understand?

Jo: Why does she slam the door on you, Stacie?

Stacie: It's rude to slam the door on people, Jadyn. Do you understand me?

Jadyn sulks, remains silent and looks away from Stacie. Stacie leads Jadyn downstairs.

Jo (interview): Jadyn didn't answer her, and down she went into the Naughty Room.

Stacie: You're going to stay here until I come and get you.

Jo: Why? Why is she going to stay there?

Stacie: Because you don't treat people the way you're treating me, especially your parents.

Jo: Good for you. I'm glad you're taking a stand because she's a 6 year old girl and she needs to have manners and respect for her mother. Simple as that. And if she's not prepared to do it, then she goes into that Naughty Room until she learns that she can talk to you, and be your friend, and respect you as her mother, and have that lovely relationship. Everything right now is attitude. Attitude? That-- We're not doing attitudes in this household or anywhere! It's not acceptable.

Jadyn lies on the bed in the horribly boring Naughty Room. She then sits up, lies back down, rolls around. Title card reads, "Leave child in Naughty Room - 1 minute per year of age." Stacie enters the Naughty Room.

Stacie: Jadyn, you were in here because you were not talking politely to Mom. You were having attitude and giving me dirty looks. You don't talk that way to me, it's not respectful. I'm not gonna put up with it anymore. OK, you need to tell me that you're sorry.


Jadyn: Sorry.

Stacie: No, look at me and say it.

Jadyn: Sorry.

Stacie: What are you sorry for?

Jadyn: For being mean to you.

Stacie: For being mean to me? Are you gonna try harder not to be? (Jadyn nods.) Yeah.

Jo (interview): Jadyn's got the message, of why she'll be back in there tomorrow! (Laughs)

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Dad doubts Jo when Billy gets a boost. And Jadyn says a tearful goodbye to her extra bed. When Supernanny returns.

Billy gets a boost

Jo (interview): When I was observing with the family, I was quite shocked that Billy was in a highchair. He's a toddler, not a baby. They should have had him in a chair.

Jo sets up a booster seat at the dining table.

Jo: Look what I've got for you! A seat. This is for you!


Billy plays with the seat while Jo straps it to the chair.

Bill (interview): First night we had Billy sit in his booster seat, I was little nervous about that.

Preparing dinner at the stove, Bill looks anxiously at Billy at the table. Jadyn and Jo congratulate Billy as he tries out the seat. Billy happily drums his hands on the seat.

Jadyn: You get to sit at the big boy table in a big boy seat!

Billy: Mommy, look!

Stacie: Yeah!

Bill (interview): I felt that it was going to be a constant battle, keeping the food on the table, not on the floor. Keeping him from disrupting everybody else that was sitting at the table.

The family sits at the table for a dinner. They appear to be eating crescent rolls with a saucy chicken dish and mashed potatoes.

Jo: So this is the first time that he is in his big chair! And I think he deserves lots of praise! (Claps, really pours it on) Because you're a big boy! Sitting in your chair!

Billy beams at Jo and wiggles proudly in his chair. He is clearly delighted at the high praise Jo is giving him. Stacie smirks at this as she takes a drink during the meal.

Stacie (interview): Dinner was great. Billy behaved really well. Jadyn and Billy both ate.

Bill (interview): Bill behaved at the table in his booster seat. And I was wrong.

Bedtime 7:00 p.m.

Jo looks thoughtfully at Jadyn's nap mat.

Jo (interview): That couch is definitely being used as a crutch for both parents and for Jadyn. And it's not necessary. No way are we having any children sleeping in the hallway.


Jo sits with Jaydn on her bed. Bill and Stacie look on. Jadyn stares silently at her lap while Jo talks.

Jo: Jadyn's a big girl and she's six years old. And she has a very pretty bedroom. And I would love-- And I know Mommy and Daddy would love-- for Jadyn to sleep in her own bed like a big girl. OK? Are we gonna get rid of that silly old couch there in the hallway, that we don't need it?

Jo (interview): And all of a sudden I felt her body start to shudder.

Jadyn starts whimpering and gets up to hug her mom.

Stacie: You can-- You can do it, honey. It's OK, it's OK. (Jadyn sobs. Stacie pats her back.) You're a big girl, Jadyn, you can do it. OK? You're a big girl, honey.

Jo looks on, worried and biting a nail. She looks as if she doubts the way things are going.

Jo (interview): And my heart-- My heart was, you know, feeling it! I said, "Oh! You know, she's crying...."

Stacie: You're a big girl, honey. If you have a bad dream, you can tell Mommy, and I'll come back and, you know-- Tuck you back into your bed, OK?

Jadyn (sobbing): No...No!

Stacie: You'll be fine.

Stacie (interview): Part of me knew that she was doing it, trying to keep the purple couch, trying to manipulate us, but like, the mommy part of you-- You just see your child like that and you just want to stop it.

Stacie: You'll be OK, Jadyn, you're a big girl.

Bill starts putting the bedding and nap mat away. He folds a quilt and hangs it on the railing. He pats the quilt thoughtfully, and looks sad.

Bill (interview): Here is my little girl's couch. You know-- I know she likes it. I know she wants to play with it and use it.

Bill folds the nap mat back into a couch shape and picks it up.

Jo (to camera, pointing at Bill): We're making giant leaps tonight. 'Cause Bill's getting rid of the couch.

Bill takes the couch downstairs. Jo follows him. He places the couch in a downstairs closet.

Bill (interview): When Jo told me we had to get rid of the couch-- It was a little bit of panic at first, and then it turned into relief, where, like, "Yeah, we're gonna do this," you know.

Bill closes the door on the nap mat. Jo raises a hand to Bill in a high five, and laughs. Upstairs, Stacie lies with Jadyn on her bed.

Jo (to camera): Mommy's doing really well with Jadyn, who's in there, in her own bed (gives a thumbs-up), so that's a good thing.

Stacie and Jadyn read together on the bed. Stacie takes a deep breath as she goes downstairs to join Bill and Jo.

Bill: Hey, here she is. Here's the queen of the house.

Jo: What happened?

Stacie: She got over it. 

Jo: And she's-- And she's in her bed?

Stacie: Yeah.

Jo (clapping, in singsong): Hello! (Hugs Stacie. They both laugh.) Yeah! (Kisses Stacie) Well done! Well done. I'm really proud of you! 

Stacie (interview): She did fall asleep in her own bed, with the knowledge that the purple couch was no longer there for her. I-- I thought Jo was just a god. 

Jo (interview): And now I've taught Bill and Stacie the techniques, I'm going away for a couple of days because it's really important that they learn to do these on their own. 


Jo and Stacie sit together in the living room. 

Jo: When I come back, I would like to see Jadyn with less attitude. I would like to see Billy with less tantrums. How do you feel about that?

Stacie: Um, I think we can do it. Yeah. Yeah, because we need to. 

Jo: I know that you can do it. OK? So I'm gonna go now. 

Stacie: All right. All right. 

Jo and Stacie get up from the couch, then bid each other farewell at the front door. 

Jo: Take care! (Hugs) 

Stacie: Thank you for everything.  

Jo: You're more than welcome.  

Stacie: You think so? 

Jo: Yeah. Take care of yourself.  

Stacie: I will. 

Jo: OK. (Jo leaves.) 

Stacie (to camera): My biggest fear with not having Jo here is the kind of step-by-step guidance that she gives. It's like having instructions for your kids, Which-- Now my instructions are gone.  

The taxi drives away into the night. 

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: The Baileys do their best without Jo. But the kids aren't listening. And when Bill loses his cool, Jo returns, giving Bill and Stacie one more chance to get things right. When Supernanny returns.  

Family Test Run

Jo: When I come back, I would like to see Jadyn with less attitude. I would like to see Billy with less tantrums.  

Stacie (to camera): My biggest fear with not having Jo here is the kind of step-by-step guidance that she gives. It's like having instructions for your kids, Which-- Now my instructions are gone.  


Jo (interview): I've just left Stacie and Bill, and um, this is a really exciting time for me because little do they know, I'm going to be watching. 

At the usual undisclosed location, Jo sits down at the brown sofa to view the DVD. She has a mug in one hand and the remote control in the other. She turns on the DVD. 

Jo (interview): I really hope Stacie keeps on top of Jadyn's attitude, and that she uses all the techniques when she starts smart-mouthing, and puts her in that Naughty Room when she's a cheeky madam. 

Jadyn revisits the Naughty Room

Billy approaches Stacie and Jadyn, taking a large stuffed snake. Jadyn grabs for it.  


Jadyn: I brought it down here, I get to play with it! 

Stacie: Jadyn-- Jadyn, you're playing with the piano now. Jadyn-- 

Jaydn: I brought it down here so I can play with it. I brought THAT (nodding at another toy) so Billy can play with it.  

Stacie: Jadyn-- 

Jadyn: And I didn't brought [sic] that snake down here so Billy could-- 

Stacie: STOP! 

Jadyn (petering out): ...Play with it.  

Stacie: Stop. 

Jadyn throws the keyboard away from her lap.  

Jo: That is not on. 

Stacie: That is not acceptable.  

Jadyn: No. 

Stacie: You're not even getting a warning. Let's go. Naughty Room. 

Stacie herds Jadyn down the hall to the Naughty Room. 


Stacie: You don't throw toys at your brother, Jadyn. And you don't try to slam the door on me! You stay here until I come and get you.  

Stacie leaves Jadyn lying face down on the bed. She closes the door behind her. 

Jo: Good for you!  

Title card reads, "2 minutes later," "4 minutes later," and "6 minutes later." Stacie returns to the room. 

Stacie: Say "Sorry."  

Jadyn: Sorry. 

Jo: Brilliant, Stacie! You've got the apology. See? Now that's why the Naughty Room's working, Stacie! You're following through. 

Stacie, Jadyn and Billy stand in the living room while a visitor looks on. Stacie pulls a pouty Jadyn aside.  

Stacie: Jadyn? You're not gonna sit out here and pout some more. Jadyn, if you keep behaving this way, you're gonna go back to your Naughty Room. You're not gonna sit out here and pout.  

Time passes. Jadyn tries to climb in Stacie's lap. 

Stacie: Jadyn? 

Jadyn (whining): I want a hug... 

Stacie: No! I'm not gonna give you a hug when you're behaving this way. You can stop. This is your last warning. You stop now with your pouting or you're going back to the Naughty Room.  

Stacie (interview): I think Jadyn is gonna be more of a challenge to turn around. 

Stacie (taking Jadyn's hand): Come on. Let's go. 

Jadyn: NOOOOOO!  

Stacie (interview): I've kind of let this attitude develop over the past two years, at least? I'm tired of her attitude.  

Stacie leads Jadyn back to the Naughty Room over her wailing. 

Bill (interview): She's a little more free-willed, independent. Stubborn. So she's gonna have a little bit-- It's gonna take a little more time with her.  

Billy sits back on the Naughty Step

Stacie sits with Billy in the living room. 

Stacie: OK, let's pick your toys up. Put them away. Good job. Now put it back in the drawer, we're gonna go eat. Put them back in the drawer.  


Billy (playing with toy): Choo, choo! No. 

Stacie yanks the toy out of Billy's hand and throws it toward the drawer. 

Stacie: Billy-- Pick that up and put it in the drawer! OK. (With a big sigh, Stacie picks Billy up and takes him to the Naughty Step.) 

Billy: No! No! 

Stacie: You're not listening again. You stay here until I come and get you.  

Billy starts crying. He crawls away from the step. Stacie comes back to put him back on the step. He scoots back to the step. Stacie wheels back into the kitchen. 

Billy: No! I hate you! (Stands up and holds his arms out) Mommy!  


Bill sets Billy back on the step. 

Bill: You stay there. 

Stacie (bending over and pointing her finger in Billy's face): You stay there till I come and get you. You do not get up.  

Jo: That hovering over Billy! This is not what I taught you guys! 

Stacie carries Billy back to the Naughty Step.  

Billy: Want Daddy! 

Stacie passes from the kitchen as Billy stands up at the step. 

Stacie: Sit down!  

As she turns her back to place her laptop in its case, Billy stands up and waddles in place in a mocking manner.  

Jo: He's behind you!  

Bill spanks Billy. It is just a light spank.  

Bill: I said "No." Now sit down. 

Jo: No! Why'd you smack Billy? Well, that's it. That's the Naughty Step ruined now. (Billy cries loudly on the step.) They've just undermined the whole thing.  

Billy (sobbing): Mommy! 

Jo: I need to get back to the Bailey house.  

She gets up decisively from the brown sofa, mug in hand. 

Parent Evaluation

The taxi returns to the Bailey home. 

Jo (interview): After I've left the household, I go away for a couple of days, and when I come back, I show the family footage, because I would like the parents to clearly see the mistakes they've made. So that we can fix it!  

Jo enters the house. She is back in her purple nanny suit, glasses and updo. She sits at the dining table with Stacie and Bill. 

Jo: I've brought some footage for the pair of you to see. And I'd like us all to take a look at it. There are a few points I do want to talk about, and perfect. Let's take a look.  


Footage plays of Bill, Stacie and Jadyn playing a video game together. 

Jo: That's lovely to see the pair of you spending time with Jadyn. But what room is that? 

Bill: That would be the Naughty Room. Eh, slash, Guest Room. (Bill and Stacie laugh.) 

Jo: Yeah. 

Bill: And, Video Game Room. OK, we'll pull the TV into the master bedroom. (Stacie laughs.) 

Stacie: No, we'll just play the games out here.  

Bill: OK. 

Jo: OK, I like that the pair of you are deciding where to move that telly. I definitely think, let's move the video and the TV into a different room. And there's no mixed messages. You're naughty-- You go to the Naughty Room. OK, let's carry on with this.  

Stacie (from footage): Jadyn, you're not gonna sit here and pout some more. Jadyn, if you behave this way, you're gonna go back to your Naughty Room. You're not gonna sit out here and pout.     

Jo: Right. She hasn't physically done anything again wrong that would warrant her to go into the Naughty Room. They're entitled to feel the way they want to feel. But don't send them to the Naughty Room because of it. If she's still sulking, we ignore that and we say, "Right! Do you want to help Mommy in the kitchen because Mommy's cooking now," or, "Let's have a look at the games and let's play a game." Discipline is one thing, and when they come out of the room, or off of the step. we then change that tone of voice so it's an everyday voice again. OK, is that clear?     

Bill: Yeah.     

Jo: Yeah, Stacie?     

Stacie: M-hm.     

Jo: OK.     


Footage of Billy refusing to stay on the Naughty Step.     

Billy: Want Daddy! I hate you. Mommy!   

Jo: This is what we've got. We've got you disciplining Billy, and putting him on the step. And each time he gets up because he thinks you're playing a game with him, you turn around and say, "No. Back on that step." But you don't come down to his level and you don't explain why he's sitting on that step. So now Billy thinks we're playing a game. Inevitably, he wears on your patience and breaks that down. And then Bill, you give him a smack.     

Bill (from footage): I said "No." Now sit down. You stay there.     

Jo: What I don't want Billy to think, is that every time you ask him to sit on the step, that it's gonna take a smack for him to sit down on that step.     

Stacie: Right.     

Jo: Because I know that the pair of you are quite capable of putting him on that step without having to give him a smack. And the first time it may take you an hour. And you think, "My word, this is an hour." But the next day, it will get less and less. But consistency is the key here. Time will take care of itself. It will.     

Jo closes the DVD player. Stacie and Bill smile at each other.     


Footage of the Baileys eating dinner. Jadyn chases Billy around the dining table.     

Jo (interview): After Bill and Stacie have watched the footage, I am gonna be around to give them support. to give them encouragement and show them exactly where they were going wrong and how to correct that. So that the results can be everlasting.     


Announcer: When Supernanny returns.   

Billy chases Jadyn through the kitchen and into the living room.   

Stacie: Jadyn, not in the front room, please.   

Stacie follows them into the hall. She closes the door on the Naughty Room. Jadyn holds Billy around the waist while he kicks and screams.   

Stacie: Jadyn, not here. This is no longer your playroom.   

Jadyn carries Billy back to the kitchen. Stacie follows them there.   

Stacie (interview): I think Jadyn's attitude is going to go away fairly quickly, with the Naughty Room. 'Cause she does not like going there.   

Stacie returns to the dining table, where Jo sits and Bill eats.   

Jo: I'm glad to see you smiling.   

Stacie sits down to eat. Bill dusts off the TV in the Naughty Room and carries it out of the room.   

Stacie (interview) We're getting to a point where it's just gonna be persistence and just accepting this is what we need to do, and do it over and over and over and over until it clicks and it works.   

Sitting in his booster seat, Billy hits his dinner plate with his cup, which flips the plate over.   

Bill (interview): The most important thing for me is actually the self-respect, that I'm doing it right with the, with the family.   


Bill comes down to Billy's level at the dining table. Jo looks on from the doorway.   

Bill: Look at me. Don't-- Don't hit the plate with your cup. Do you understand?   

Bill (interview): It gave me a reality check. My kids are gonna be better because of it.   

Bill: Billy. Do you want to go on the Naughty Step?   

Billy: No.   

Bill: OK. Then don't hit your plate with your cup.   

Jo: Excellent, Bill. You came right down to Billy's level.   

Stacie (interview): The kids know that, you know, that Daddy is not just gonna stand in the corner of the kitchen and not get involved anymore. That he's a presence and that they're both gonna have to deal with both of us, when they're in trouble. That feels really nice.   

Bill sits back down in his chair with a sigh.   

Bill: OK. I've learned from the best.   

Jo winks at Bill.   

Jo: You're gonna play with Daddy now?   

Bill and Jo tussle with Jadyn on the living room sofa. Jadyn shouts and laughs as Bill tickles her.   

Jo: You're gonna play with Daddy?   

Bill (interview): The first day I met Jo, I wrote a note. I showed it to Stacie, she laughed. And the note says, "I think she's full of s***." So it was real tough for me, after writing that note, because all this time I'm thinking, "You know, I think what she's telling us is working."   

Jo (to Billy): Don't throw the bottle. Don't throw the bottle.   

Bill: No, don't throw the bottle now.   

Bill (interview): Now I've got to more turn the note towards me, you know, I'm full of s***. But--   

Jadyn screams as she slides down the backyard slide.   

Jo: Good, Dad! Going down the slide! Go for it!   

Bill slides down the slide. Everyone laughs.   

Bill (interview): Boy, do I owe her an apology! And now, I actually feel closer to my kids now because of Jo. I really do.   

Bill pushes a happy Jadyn on the swing set.   

Jo says goodbye


The family gathers on the front walkway to bid Jo goodbye. Jo kneels down to talk to Jadyn.   

Jo: Jadyn, Jo-Jo's going home now. So I want you to be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy, OK? (Jadyn nods.) All right? (They hug. Jo gives Jadyn a kiss on the cheek.) OK.   

Jo (interview): How could you not help but get attached to Billy and Jadyn? They're so beautiful.   

Jo (to Jadyn): Sweetie. (She stands up.) Bill? Take care. (They shake hands. Bill shrugs and opens his arms for a hug. They hug with a laugh.) Take care.   

Bill: Good [???].   

Stacie: Thank you for everything. (Stacie and Jo hug.)   

Jo: You're more than welcome. Huge help. (To Billy) Bye-bye!   

Bill: Say bye-bye to Jo-Jo?   

Jo: Can Jo-Jo have a kiss?   

Bill: Aw, he's upset.   

Stacie: Aw!   

Jo: Oh! (Kisses Billy's cheek) So cute! Bill and Stacie, be persistent. You're in charge, the pair of you. Keep at it! Bye-bye, Jadyn! Bye, take care. You're more than welcome. Take care.   

Stacie: Bye, thank you! Bye bye.   

Bill: Say "Bye."   

Jo: Bye! Kisses!   

Bill: Kisses!   

Billy blows a kiss. Jo catches it and blows one back.   

Stacie: Good job.   

Jo: Catch a kiss? (Billy smiles and catches it.) Take care.   

Jo (interview): Hopefully now that they have seen changes, and there are improvements, that will spur them on to make changes every day, for the bigger picture.   

The taxi drives away.   

Family Update

Bill skips rope with Jadyn in the backyard.   

Bill: Go. Jump.   

Jadyn laughs. Stacie pulls a wagon down the sidewalk. Billy babbles.   


Stacie (interview): Oh, God. We're on our own. It's like moving out on your own the first time, you have to pay your own bills and deal with our kids all by ourselves and, which to me sounds pathetic because we're parents, but it's like, it's daunting.   

On the sidewalk, Stacie hands Billy a flower to look at from his wagon. She pulls the wagon back into the driveway, mail in hand.   

Bill (interview): Parenting is a puzzle. And Jo brought us the last piece of the puzzle. You know, you don't have instructions. You just have a whole bunch of pieces you have to put together. And you pray to God everyday that you're gonna put it together right, you know-- Your child's gonna get put together right.   

Bill and Jadyn toss a football to each other. Bill walks Jadyn on her hands, wheelbarrow-style, across the backyard.   

Bill (interview, sighs, smiles): Gonna get emotional here.   

Bill takes the football from Billy on the patio.   


Bill: OK, my turn! Oh! (Runs away. Jadyn follows him.) OK.   

Stacie (interview): I started thinking about it, and I started realizing that the issues we're having with the kids are not necessarily the kids' issues, but they're our issues. Especially like with Jadyn and her bed.   

Jadyn throws the football and laughs. Jaydn and Bill roll happily together on the lawn.   

Stacie (interview): You know, if I had known it would be that easy, just, boom! Ten minutes of crying and we're done? I would have done it five years ago! Billy kinds of thinks before he hits because he realizes that there's consequences. I think having Bill and I coming together, you know, and kind of being a united front with the kids, has had a huge impact.   

More footage of the family interacting peacefully and happily in the backyard.   

Bill (interview): I view myself as a parent now, and that's a better parent than I was yesterday. I only hope that in the future, I am a better parent than I am today.   

Bill crawls around the backyard with Jadyn on his back. Stacie laughs in the background. Bill carries Billy on his shoulders.   

Closing Credits

Stacie stands alone in the Naughty Room.   

Stacie (to camera): Being a mom again-- I mean, I love being a mom, but it's--   

Jadyn (off-screen): MOOOOOOOOOM!   

Stacie rolls her eyes and heads out the door.   

Stacie: Most of the time.   

Jadyn (off-screen): MOM!!   

At the dining table, Billy taps at the camera while Stacie looks on. A cameraman is seen wiping food off the camera lens.   

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