Ashley Lynn Mckinney (born November 24, 1985) is the mother of Kaiden and Kayla.

She is a bank teller and a full-time student.

She did the timeout technique for Kayla and the One strike and you're out technique for Kaiden. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her two kids. She swore at Jo.

Jo clearly implied that Ashley had been acting dishonest during this episode by making comments like, "So this is the real Ashley," and "Nice to meet you, Ashley, I'm Jo," days after their initial meeting.

She was 25 years old at the time, and is now 32 in 2017.

Quotes Edit

"You don't bite, Kaiden."

"Stop it right now."

"Stop it right now. It's not funny."

"Do not pee your pants."

"You are in big trouble. It's not funny."

"I can't believe you did that Kaiden, that was really bad."

"No biting. We do not bite."

"Don't you want to go play? No, you don't bite."

"Nope. We're not gonna take a bath."

"You are pulling my hair out. Stop it right now."

"When he bites me, I want to beat his ass."

"Kaiden, do not play in that."

"Kaiden, there's a car right there!"

"You do not hit the television."

"Do it again, and then you're done for the night. Do you understand me?"

"Walk to my room! You are done!"

"You hit that TV again, you will never play the Wii again... ever!"

"You mean! And now you kicked me, go to your room!"

"Do not bite. Go to your room, and do not come out."

"Kaiden, don't pick up rocks."

"Stay in here now! Until Kayla's done!"

"And the rules aren't any different for you than your brother!"

"You will not bite me! Do you hear me? Stop! Right now!"

"You will not kick me. Do not come out, and you're not playing the rest of the game. No, you make the choice. Now you stay in your room."

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