Andrew Weston (born April 16, 2000) is the oldest child of Andrea and Fred and the older brother of Sean.

Appearance on Supernanny

Andrew was seen being aggressive, knocking things over, throwing temper tantrums across the room, and name calling on the phone. Andrew's unacceptable behaviors got him into trouble at nightcare and at home. He would bully the other students. During Observation when Andrea arranged a romantic date with his girlfriend named Anaya because he wanted to marry her. He had jealousy issues with his brother Sean because of attention, so he bullied and tackled football players with him as well and hes just a baby.

Andrew would also demand his parents attention especially his mom Andrea, by throwing temper tantrums and name calling. He would call his mom on the phone . According to Andrea, when she sends Andrew to timeout, he marches in the marching band,

Because of him, breakfeast lunch and dinner time is chaotic. Andrew throws temper tantrums across the room and refuses to eat his dinner unless if it was his favorite dinner. He would also play up during bedtime. He leaves his room 24 7 each night making his mother frustrated.

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