Andrea Weston is the mother of Andrew and Sean and wife to Fred.

Appearance on Supernanny

She did the lion's share of parenting and discipline. However, she often found it hard to discipline Andrew until Jo gave her the correct methods of discipline. For example, her version of putting Andrew in timeout was to walk him upstairs to his bedroom, talk to him constantly through his bedroom door, and when he refused to stay in the room, she would then sit on the bed with him in her lap, restraining his arms.

Andrea showed great improvement and appreciation for Jo's visit. In the beginning, she only talked in a soft tone, but learned quickly to use an authoritative voice and nip disrespectful behavior in the bud. While she started out acting rather helpless about Andrew's behavior, after Jo's teaching, Andrea fully admitted that it was her and Fred's fault that Andrew misbehaved as he did. She committed to Jo's techniques and was glad to see them work.

She also had an unusual habit of over-enunciating words, most notably the phrase "Naughty Spot." She was very good at explaining things to her children in short sentences and making sure they understood what she was saying.