Andra "Andy" Jeans (born April 24, 2000) is the eldest daughter of Barbara and David, & the older sister of Jessie & Leah.

Andra was the dominant one according to Barbara, her mom. She was very stubborn and would yell at her parents and throw temper tantrums.

Andra would also fight with her sisters or tackle them. Leah was the main target for both Andra and Jessie to bully.

Because she was such a "fighter", Barbara thought and feared having to enforce discipline with her, but Barbara was wrong. However, after Jo left, Barbara reported that since then, Andra has not been on the Naughty Stool once.

She was 4 1/2 years old at the time she appeared on Supernanny, and is now 18 in 2018.

Quotes Edit

  • "No! Not the pink ones! The new ones!"
  • "I'm not gonna play with you!"
  • "I'm not your daddy!"
  • "Not my Care Bear book!"
  • "I hate family breakfasts."
  • "Gimmie that! It's MY turn!"
  • "No! I am!"
  • "Look what Leah did!"
  • "You're squishing me!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "I want my Care Bear book! Come back Mommy, Mommy come back!"
  • "I don't need to!"
  • "I know how to undo that!"
  • "YES!"
  • "I don't want that cup."
  • "SORRY!"
  • "Poopie head."
  • "I want to be it."
  • "She took my bag."
  • "My Care Bear book was right there."
  • "It. I DID!"
  • "I WON'T!"
  • "No, I don't want to!"
  • "I'll be extra good if you give me a donut!"
  • "Mommy, we need new paintbrushes!"
  • "I love Jo-Jo."