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Jo visits the An-Duan family in San Francisco, California where Angela An (41) and Forrest Duan (51) have 5 children: 9-year-old Christopher, 8-year-old Isabella, 6-year-old twins Lawrence and Benjamin and 5-year-old Charlotte. When Jo meets the family, she tackles an issue millions of Americans deal with every day: over-scheduling.

With the parents exposing their kids to various lessons and activities such as Chinese school, scouts, art, golf, tennis, soccer, ballet, piano, violin, drums, math, and a writing workshop, the days are incredibly hectic for the family.

The kids sometimes eat dinner in the van, and by the time they get home and finished their homework, it's way past their bedtime. Occasionally, the kids are so tired that their homework might not even get done, and the kids are worried that it won't even get finished on time.

The kids never get a chance to be with their friends or spend time together as a family and are so stressed, they act out by acting physically aggressive, talking back and teasing.

Angela's relationship with her children is strained due to their behavior and she's so stressed from driving around all day, that she has no energy to enforce any discipline in the house or watch what's on the road as she's driving.

Angela and Forrest are so overwhelmed with their children's behavior, they've stayed away from their newly built home for three years, and are scared that the children are going to wreck the new house just like their current home.

Can Jo help this family create a better schedule and get them into their new home?


  • This episode was filmed in May 12-26, 2007.
  • This is the first episode where a family moves to a new house during the filming.
  • Isabella was absent during the House Rules technique, but she was well behaved for the most part.
  • This episode is named An-Duan Family, but the Submission Reel intro card says "Duan-Ahn." The narrator also calls the mom "Mrs. Duan-An." In the reel, Forrest also calls themselves the Duan-An Family.
  • When Jo arrives at the An-Duan Family house, both Forrest and Angela comment on how great her teeth are, causing lots of laughter. 
  • The car the family drives is a 2005-2007 Honda Odyssey


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