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Addis Family on Supernanny

Jo visits the Addis Family in Noblesville, Indiana where Leslie (28) & Tony (29) have four children: almost 6-year-old identical twin sons Jonathan & Jonah, 4-year-old daughter Eden and 2-year-old son Elijah.

The family is grieving over the sudden death of their live-in grandfather, Rick, who was known as the man of the house.

The lost of Rick has the kids acting out: The twins fight aggressively with each other, talk back, be defiant and lash out aggressively at their mom. Eden is a little princess, but she's very stubborn and defiant. Elijah is beginning his terrible twos. All 4 of the children throw temper tantrums.

While Tony is struggling to fill his father-in-law's shoes, Leslie is juggling caring & homeschooling for the kids along with being a homemaker. She relies on her mother Charity (48) for help and direction, even though she is also grieving at the loss of Rick.

Can Jo help this grieving family out?

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