Adam Angelo Gorbea (born May 12th 2002) is the youngest child of Evelina and Robert and younger brother of Demetrius and Meya.

Known to his siblings as "the mom hog," Adam would scream until he got his own way. He would often be jealous when his siblings tried to get their mom's attention. Generally, he was taking advantage of his mom's desire to keep her to himself by constantly screaming until mom gave in.

The Off-The-Hip technique proved both hard for Adam and his mom. Evelina couldn't bear his crying to be held but Jo made sure Evelina stayed strong and eventually it worked. He was also very clingy to Evelina during the Stay in Bed routine, throwing himself on her hip and screaming.

He was 2 1/2 years old when he appeared on Supernanny. In 2017, he is now 15 and never clings to his mom too much.

He also shares the same birthday as his brother Demetrius, because was born on May 12th, but he was born in 1995.

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