Adam David Goldberg is the father of Jacob, Joshua and Jayden, and husband to Shelby.

A captain paramedic for the Arizona Fire Department, he worked 24-hour shifts away from home. He found it very hard to control his temper with his kids. He was tired of yelling and  literally "tired of saying 'Stop!' a hundred times a day to the kids."

Adam would also sometimes pretend to be the pretend policemen (Smith and Jones) and talk to the boys in pretend voices to make the threatening calls Shelby made seem real.

He was incredibly emotional and cried a lot during this episode. He would get very angry, then feel guilty, then cry. The boys knew how to push his buttons to start this cycle.

Like Shelby, he hated taking the kids out in public due to their out-of-control behavior. Jo noted this was because they had never taught the children appropriate public behavior.

He was 42 years old at the time and is now 50 in 2017.

Quotes Edit

  • "Knock it off! I've had it!"
  • "Stop! Stop! Stop!"
  • "Joshua, stop it!"
  • "Jacob!"
  • "You know what? I am fed up."
  • "Go upstairs now before I start getting really angry!"
  • "Here's another warning: If you continue to call me a bad name again, you’re gonna go back to a time out! Do you understand?"
  • "No. I'm not going to be calming him."
  • "You're getting time out upstairs."

Links Edit

Due to the nature of his job, there are many articles and videos featuring Adam if you Google "Adam Goldberg"and "Northwest Fire."

'Supernanny' calms fireman's home and hearth - This article explains that Adam is District Captain of Northwest Fire/Rescue and is one of the public faces of Northwest Fire, showing off the department's new training robot, demonstrating how quickly a dry Christmas tree goes up in flames or just offering safety tips to help people avoid tragedies.

Video: Pool safety with Northwest Fire and Tucson Morning Blend- NW Fire - Adam presents pool safety tips.

Adam's LinkedIn page - Shows he works as a District Captain and public information officer for Northwest Fire and Rescue.

Adam's Facebook page - His profile name shows middle name as David.