Jo comes to across the UK to desperate parents who are on the edge to send their crazy boys to Boarding School in India. Mum Sejal and Dad Ramesh have two boys, six year old Tashan, and four year old Diaan.

The two boys constantly act out and Diaan is the ringleader of this boy gang. Tashan has attitude and back chats, while Diaan constantly screams, throw temper tantrums ,and can be defiant. Both boys fight violently with each other.

Dad, Ramesh has a rare medical disease making him meantaly and physically exhausted leaving mum Sejal, doing most of the child care. Mum, Sejal handles the boys by shouting and arguing with them. Can Jo tackle these rebellious boys.

This was aired on March 2, 2010.

Abbas Family

Tashan on the left on the stairs and Diaan on the right. Meanwhile Mum and Dad are behind them