Submission ReelEdit

Jo Revisits The Newsome FamilyEdit

Blythe: Hi, I'm Blythe Newsome, i'm a single mom with six children:

Blythe: Loughlin is 15.

Loughlin: Moira, Stop messing it up or you'll break it.

Blythe: Adain is 14.

Blythe: Adain, go in your room

(Daly laughing)

Blythe: Daly is 11.

Blythe: Daly, just go upstairs

Blythe: Moira is 10.

Moira: Ahh, I'm swinging

Blythe: Elspeth is 7.

(Elspeth yells into the camera)

Blythe: And Finn is 5.

(Finn crying)


Newsome children with Supernanny before revisit.

Jo Revisits The Weinstein FamilyEdit

Jo Revisits The Lewis FamilyEdit

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